Project description

The EU funded IMED-KOMM-EU project (Intercultural Medical Communication in Europe) was produced under the leadership of  the IIK Institute for Intercultural Communication Inc. (Ansbach, Berlin, Jena, Erfurt) within the framework of the LEONARDO ITP program of the European Commission, with partners from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Project Objectives

The main products of the project are five modern, interconnected Web portals and teacher's guides in German, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovak, and Czech, with practical modules that provide complex exercises for medical communication for doctors on the one hand and nurses on the other hand, both online and offline. Later there were added exercises concerning the medical aspects of modern tourism.

The modules of the courses are enhanced by private tests, podcasts/videocasts, blogs as well as links, all of which are freely accessible on the web portal. Examples of tests can be accessed by clicking the ECL button. These tests can be taken at any of our partner institutions.
Additional and more in-depth information for teachers and students can be found in the special glossaries/guides on medical language (online-reference books, -dictionaries, -glossaries; books on intercultural communication etc.).

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